S3 Signature Series Forged Wheels

main_f04008f6490da879684428eeb846b3c7The Velos Signature Series Wheel Collection of forged, concave profile, one-piece wheels offers a more aggressive and sporty look for luxury and exotic car applications while keeping factory like performance in mind. The Signature Series separates itself from our Solo Collection by introducing a more aggressive profile and maximum concavity for all applications. With additional weight reducing features the Signature Series is the ultimate selection in soon to be classic designs for your Luxury and Exotic Application.

The Velos S3 wheel features a timeless but proven design. Much like the Roman Empire’s bridges and building structures of over a millennia ago, it uses architectural engineering brilliance to derive an extremely ridged and strong body incorporating the use of arches and triangles in its design. Thus allowing for less material to be needed which translates to weight savings upon a finished product. Although the S3 might be regarded as simplistic by today’s standards this wheel design has proved to be a true automobile enthusiast go-to wheel, not only for its performance characteristics but also for its subtle yet undeniable appeal and “race ready” look.

Developed for the enthusiast who does not want to sacrifice driveability, the Signature Series wheel line includes engineering features to help reduce unsprung mass in order to optimize overall weight without compromising strength. Each and every wheel is produced for your specific vehicle according to your vehicle’s make, model, modifications, and desired wheel size. There are several finish options available to fit your vehicle and style, and are available in diameters ranging from 18″ to 24″.

  • 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum
  • Hubcentric Fitment
  • CNC Machined to specific fitments designed for your application
  • Powder Coat Finishes
  • OEM TPMS Compatible
  • Concave Profile
  • Centerlock Options Available
  • Available in 18″ – 24″