We are the most elite vehicle performance software developer. It is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in reading, writing and developing vehicle performance software for European cars. The list of cars that we cover proves that our knowledge is not limited to just one manufacturer. Our ever-expanding network of contacts and partners ensures that we will always be the industry leader in vehicle performance enhancing software. That said, no car is exactly the same; we work tirelessly to program each car individually to achieve the best results. Whether you drive a BMW or a Bentley, Our professional ECU tuning specialists can make your car drive exactly how the engineer’s intended, maximizing its potential.

Why Choose Velos Tuning?

Many people question the need for vehicle performance software. To us, the answer is clear:

Nearly every vehicle on the road today has been de-tuned to protect it from careless drivers, neglected maintenance and low quality fuel. To make your vehicle drive to its full potential is really quite a simple process (no physical alterations are made to the vehicle). Our engineers download a copy of the software from your vehicle and then upload a modified file that will greatly improve the cars performance. The whole process takes about 1-2 hours. The benefits of the new file are as follows:

  • improvements of fuel economy by 10-15%
  • removal of the speed limiter
  • raised rpm resulting in increased in power
  • quicker acceleration
  • smooth acceleration with no flat spots or hesitation.